Homecoming Day 2012

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Homecoming day was just like any other day except for the pep rally, the football game, my halftime performance in the JV game, the winners of the elections, and the day before the homecoming dance.
The pep rally went great during both lunches, the JV game performance was even better, and my parents came to watch me perform at my JV game. I enjoyed it.
During the Varsity game, dance team was sitting together waiting for the game to end. We were on a reserved spot on the bleachers. My mom and her work friend were sitting right next to me on the other side of the "Caution" tape. Eloisa was sitting on the bleacher right in front of me. It was freezing cold so Eloisa was leaning back against me between my legs. I had put my sweater over her to keep her warm because she was keeping my legs warm. Haha. It was great. Having her close to me was ecstacy. A couple of times during the game, I kissed her forehead. At one point I had my arms wrapped around her and was holding her. She didn't protest or try to pull me off. She actually rubbed my arms and set her cheek against my arm. We took pictures together and talked. I remember her turning her head toward me and looking at me. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes. Just looking into each others eyes. That was probably the most romantic thing I've ever experienced. It made me so happy.
At one point I had to get up and go to the football field because it was halftime. I was going to find out who won the election for homecoming court. I won Duchess 2012. I felt great. I worked so hard to win that election. I loved the cheer that I got from my friends and family. I wouldn't have been so happy without my Eloisa <3
That's most of our history. Yep


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would that be classified as cuddling? i hope she ends up falling for you as much as it seems from what i read u've fell for her. Also what sport do u play?

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Good for you! Congrats on your election. Sounds like something serious could develop with Eloisa. I wish you the best of luck.

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And maybe it was cuddling :o if it was, then it was a perfect cuddle. I hope she falls for me too. She's really amazing. We dance. Our school has a dance team so we perform at games and stuff. I wonder what she'll say to my valentine's day gram. It's really sweet... so I've been told :) I'll keep an update on what happens.
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