my dad is an asshole

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so i was having a conversation with my step dad about aids and he said " if gay men didnt have sex with monkeys there wouldnt be aids" to my little sister

1st of all thats not how aids started
2 having sex with monkeys is bestiality so what the fuck is wrong with you
3 dont talk to my sister like that
4 you are ignorant
5 go to hell bitch

i have never been able to understand him


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that sounds like something my dad

Would have said...not necessarily the beastiality thing, but along the lines of how stupid some of the things that would fly out of his mouth were.

Sorry you have to deal w/ such ingorance, even if it was meant in a joking or sarcastic way.

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It is always strange how the anal sex leap has to be traced all the way back to the first transmission, but I guess that is how the homophobic brain works?

As opposed to someone butchering a monkey with SIV and having a cut, and it crossing over into the human population blood-to-blood. But I guess that is too boring...

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My dad can be the same way.

My dad can be the same way. He is extremely stubborn to the point that he won't budge an inch to change his opinion even when he is given enough evidence to change his mind. He disowned my sister because she "married a non-Asian man who didn't come from money and went to a 'no name college.'" My brother in law I believe went to NYU but apparentally for my dad, that's not good enough. He even called community college a "no name school" and looks down upon it. Sorry to get off topic but I know what it's like to have a dad make such awful comments. My advice is (if you are not all ready doing so) to learn what topics to avoid bringing up in front of him and if he DOES say something you do not like but know if you say something, he'll blow a gasket, just act polite and pretend to agree with him. A few minutes of acting is MUCH better than two hours of your dad chewing you out. Hopefully your dad won't bring these subjects up in the car like my dad does. Also, I'd only confront him on talking to your sister that way. Just say you do not appreciate him talking like that in front of her politely.

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im sure ur dad didnt mean to offend you. maybe he was just trying to be funny seeing as how a lot of people think thats how aids was created. Next time he says something that strikes a cord or says something u feel he shouldn't have said infront of your younger sister, u should take a deep breathe and tell him calmly and in a respectful manner how u don't like it when he exposes your sister to such things or that some people might be offended by that. Keeping things that bother u will only make the tension between u and your father grow, maybe he just doesnt understand u as much as he would like to and most dads that i know dont have mind reading capabilities ;] sorry if im coming off 2 strongly and bossy =p

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wow..that's awful. how old

wow..that's awful. how old is your little sister? obviously your step dad is ignorant and a jerk but he definitely shouldn't have said that to a kid. I mean, really? Did you tell your mom?

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my sister is 16 gayteen

my sister is 16

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What a fascinating thing.

I mean, obviously bestiality's wrongness depends on your system of ethics (I personally just think it's rather distasteful [read: disgusting], but not necessarily wrong), but other than that I think that your analysis is spot on. The conclusion I drew from that is that your stepfather is best described as 'a filth-spewing, syphilitic horse cunt'.

Unfortunately, that appears to be a common idea as to how it started. It doesn't make much sense, as Jeff pointed out. Especially if you consider the well-known fact that STRAIGHT FUCKERS CAN ALSO CATCH FUCKING AIDS. But of course, people like that obviously don't know jack fucking shit about anything, so fuck them.

But yeah. Some people say that ignorance is bliss; I disagree. I think that ignorance is a great way to get yourself into a situation where you should be forcefully dommed by a sadist with a bamboo switch, or perhaps sodomized with a cattle-prod. Either way works for me.

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