Rest In Paradise Grandpa...

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Last Friday I lost my grandpa. He was the only grandpa I knew and we got really close in the past few years. He drove me to school everyday. But on Feb. 3rd he was admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack. And on Friday he had another heart attack. They revived him but right after he had another heart attack. He passed away a quarter to 5pm. It was awful. I cried a lot that day. And here I am, writing a eulogy for him and creating a slideshow of his pictures. His funeral is on Valentine's Day. I'm so scared to see him in a casket. I need a hug and words of motivation.


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I am sorry for your loss...

Jazzy. Losing someone you are close to, and love, is never easy. Take comfort in knowing he is in a better place. And let the pictures you are collecting in the slideshow remember the good times, and how he lived. It sounds like he loved you very much. Again, my condolences on your loss.

If ya need to talk to anyone, don't hesitate to PM me.


Oh, and *hug*
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The ducks will get you!

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My Condolences,

jazzy-b, very sweet of you to write the eulogy and arrange his pictures into a slideshow. Double bear hug to you my dear. It's natural to feel scared to see a dead relative or anyone, for that matter, in their casket. They almost appear mannequin-like, kind of like they're not real. Keep your chin up, and good luck today.

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Thank you

It really means a lot. Thanks for the support and the hugs. Today is going to be so hard. Today is also the day my crush gets my gram. I'm nervous and excited.
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My deepest condolances

Jazzy, I'm so sorry for your loss. When my Grandpa passed I was with him, which was and still is very difficult.

I took delivered his eulogy, and that helped quite a bit as tough as it was. Seeing him in his casket with a smile on his face and finally at peace made me feel better and it was a relief that he was no longer suffering.

My heart goes out to you and your family.