So I just witnessed...

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My first gay wedding. I went to a grand opening for a hair salon and fundraiser for the race for the cure tonight that my friend jamie, an amazing musician and artist from seattle was playing for a friend....little did I know, along with most of the folks there, that the concert and opening celebration would turn into a wedding.

About half of the crowd knew, the other half, many of whom you could see disapproved, but clapped along politely, were in shock. I almost cried. almost. My friend justin did though.

I guess there is still hope for backasswards, redneck inhabited kitsap county.


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what made you get teary? were u thinking about u getting married one day? i wonder if the people getting married knew they were getting married =p

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nah, this wedding actually went down in Kitsap Co..

Across the water, but yeah. it was still awesome to see. I didn't actually cry, but my friend justin did. I think it was just the fact that is has been such a long time coming, for any state, and for the US. Never thought I would see the day it was legal, let alone acceptable by society.

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Venue for a marriage of any type, but hey, it's not like they can run to the nearest church I guess. Which reminds me how badly I near my hair cut too.

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Both of the guys invovled in the whole marriage thing own the salon, so it kinda made sense that on their grand re-opening event, they did that. But only a few people knew, so it was definitely an interesting event. lol.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman