Well it's been an interesting couple of days...

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I have come out to another friend, been to a couple of great rock shows, met a few of the local radio stations' rock girl hopefuls, wrecked my bike and smashed my face (concussion), and even journeyed north to the mythical land of the mukluk, where Draco and Swimmerguy reside. It was beautiful.

I guess I should start out w/ the coming out...as the last week or two has progressed, my friend T I came out to the other day, well...we have been conversing...and talking about who is hotter from the local radio station's contest for their 'rock girls'....aka chicks who look hot in bikinis.

So yeah, back and forth all week, we have been exchanging messages, trying to meet up, but our schedules never line up, etc....Hopefully we can meet up soon.

well, my friend j, a lesbo i know in the local music scene, who also happens to be an awesome artist and musician, she noticed...and she kinda noticed I haven't ever had a GF around while we were hanging out....so yeah, she asked me...and I kinda had to tell her the truth. her music got me through some rough times in my life, for sure. That was last friday...so now she knows...which is cool, I guess...but many others may know too.

Then on sunday, I got a ride on a new bke...won't be out for months. I got a little cocky, aired a jump, and landed on my face on the concrete. Helmet
knocked clean off, concussion, the works...not fun.

That shit hurt like hell. It also made me realize I need to ride more conservatively and stay in shape. Also, landing from 6 feet in the air on your cheekbones is not fun. Hopefully none of you ever know that feeling.

Oh, and I stopped into a motorcycle dealer to look at some new motos, as I may be looking into a dual sport bike here in a bit. They were surprisingly cheap, and I should be able to get one soon.

Tuesday night was awesome. I won tickets to a show. It kicked ass. It was doro peach, if any of you (anarchist) know her, and witchburn and leona x....killer show, great to see old friends and new people, but it was crazy as hell. I almost died.

My blood sugar was higher than 600 mg/dl for over 8 hours. not good. and I was drinking water like a madman. Would have loved to stay until the end of the show, but it was late, and I had the career fair the next day. So I booked it....literally.

Sprinted to the last ferry of the night, 2.1 miles in 15 mins, not bad for me, the adrenaline must have kicked in, and those hours at the gym, though I am gaining weight must be paying off somehow.

I just caught the last boat back. lucky. as. hell.

Speaking of...the whole damn ride back, all, 8? of us that were on the boat as walk ons, had to listen to these two annoying queens...one of whom was claiming the whole ride over to be 'a metrosexual, not gay'...he exclaimed over and over again to his sir elton looking (literally, glitter, glasses, suit) friend who was clearly gay, 'that was just experimenting sexually' I was in my twenties, and it was one guy'....

The whole ride over, extremely loudly, because they were drunk, we had to listen to metro complaining and moan about his lack of love life, and women only want GBF's not metros. because metros are real men.

So that was interesting.

Then I crashed from the high blood sugar @ 4 am. that was fun. Didn't fully recover from that until after my alarm went off, missed needed time to print a resume and get the early boat to mukiuk land...

SO I was late, had to dress up-business like attire....yeah, that was fun...at least I got a crepe for breakfast and made it to the job fair on time.

I learned a lot about local schools and also what employers in the aviation field are actually looking for, which may or may not help.

ALso got to walk along the waterfront, eat some Ivar's chowder and see the shoreline of Muk, where I haven't been in years.

Then, I headed home. Helped clean up the house, ate some dinner, and discussed depression, drugs, suicides, anti depressants and meth/heroin use by most of my graduating class....talented, smart kids who went the wrong direction...my mom was in tears by our conversation, at the realization of how many good kids she knew, and taught, took to practice, soccer/hockey games, etc...that have ended out addicts, or ended out dead.

It's a sad fact of life where we live, and one that refuses to go away, regardless of how obvious the outcomes should be to kids who are 'experimenting' with that kind of shit. The conversation brought up a lot of dark emotions and memories I did not think that it would. :( Depression and PTSD never seem to be things I can out run.

Also, my friend teresa posted this. it is a bit hard to follow at times, and jumps around a bit, but I think it's worth a watch.


oh, and also....a customer I have worked with several times, and all around rad guy, has been doing computer help in exchange for bike parts and work on his bike over the past few months...I came into work on my day off the other night, and he is now working for us. Which is cool, since we kinda need the help two days a week, especially on weekends, but it also sucks, because we are about to go back to the busy season, and he is scheduled on days I was supposed to be working.

I am kinda worried the girl who I work with who has a bit of a vendetta against me because she doesn't agree with me all the time. It kinda pisses me off, and based on the changes to the schedule, she is training him to be my replacement....maybe I am over reacting, but my mom agrees it's a legitimate concern.


Also, what the hell is up with legislators these days? 3 of 5 of the guys who signed onto washington's house bill 5737, which is entirely unconstitutional in several ways, admitted they hadn't read all of the bill, or had overlooked parts of it before they brought it to the legislature and signed onto the bill....idiots. Why do we pay them to represent us, if they don't even do their jobs?



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Not a real concern how many people know, since it's not a vicious rumor, just the truth.

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In my part of the world...

It is definitely a concern, jeff.

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So that's why all these people you are running into end up being gay, and no one messed with the "queens" on the boat, etc., etc.

Plus, if it's so bad there, umm... leave. You have money now. Go somewhere and be a big happy homo with a boyfriend who rides bikes every weekend.

It's a fine line between what you want to see to stay where you are and what is really there sometimes...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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So many girls... but where are the boys?

No... not criticizing; it's great to have friends wherever and whatever their orientation may be.

But... I was just wondering if this article (below) may have some validity in your situation? I think it is a very likely explanation (not that one is really necessary!) for why so many gay teens (and +) often have great "straight" girlfriends:


Even here on Oasis... but both are currently much too quiescent! :(

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Sounds like,

You had fun mostly, minus the face-plant, of course. How many concussions have you had from riding? Be careful man, the symptoms get worse with each one suffered. I say that based on some friends and fellow hockey players who can't take the chance of playing anymore, out of fear of suffering another one. After all, we don't get paid for playing the game.
So you came out to your friend T and then talked about Hot Radio Station chicks? That's akin to one step forward, two steps back. But, hey at least you told him.
Politicians not doing their jobs? Have you seen some of the shit they're trying to pass with regard to gun control? Moronic!

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This would be the third definite concussion, probably

A few more than that though, and I just didn't know what they were. lol.

So I am noticing. The symptoms are definitely there. Memory loss, light headed, etc.

and J is a her, lol. But yeah. I guess that kind of is? Idk. My brain is wired like a straight man when it comes to that kinda stuff, so I don't really think its two steps back. lol.

And yes. some of the proposed gun control laws here in my state are moronic, to say the least. People, especially liberals and progressives, can be idiots some times. The ACLU is all pro rights and equality, and protecting the constitution, but only when it benefits their rights, not others. lol.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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You do realize the ACLU isn't liberal or conservative, and the A standard for American?!

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the ACLU is a very liberal organization, jeff...

Sorry, but it's true.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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It is only liberal in the sense that they interpret the Constitution in a way to make it inclusive, rather than exclusive in regards to race, women, sexuality, etc., and the people against most of those things tend to be conservative.

But they also take cases that offend liberals, such as defending the free speech of white supremacists or Fred Phelps, etc., so they try to stay out of the ideology.

From Wikipedia: "A major source of criticism are legal cases in which the ACLU represents an individual or organization that promotes offensive or unpopular viewpoints, such as the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Nation of Islam, North American Man/Boy Love Association, or Westboro Baptist Church. The ACLU responded to these criticisms by stating 'It is easy to defend freedom of speech when the message is something many people find at least reasonable. But the defense of freedom of speech is most critical when the message is one most people find repulsive.'"

Even their gun control stance (which thinks the second amendment is a collective rather than individual right) doesn't advocate policy, but rather legal interpretation of the Constitution: http://www.aclu.org/racial-justice_prisoners-rights_drug-law-reform_immi...

Even their letter to Joe Biden about the issue (http://www.aclu.org/files/assets/aclu_letter_to_vice_president_bidens_gu...) is about protect people's rights and liberties, and runs counter to what many liberals are advocating.

Most people against the ACLU don't typically know what they do or stand for, though, so you're not alone.

That's why it is up to former ACLU plaintiffs and members, of which I am both, to educate people. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles