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i remember when you told me

once or twice, that you left a spot next to you in bed every night

1200 miles (well it’s actually 1267, you’d chime in) away

and yet you kept a space there

in case I, sleepily, crept into your arms in the midst of the night

to sleep


rest with you

now it is i, 1200 miles away

who leaves a spot for you every sleepless night

my bed’s not big enough for your 6’2” body

and definitely not your dick,

i’d say, like always, ever-the-immature-one

and we’d laugh just like before, your childlike giggle

pealing like sweet bells in my ears

maybe you, longingly, would creep into my space

firmly torn in my heart, where you used to reside

to sleep


and rest with me once again


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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

Or... maybe it's Absinthe! Whatever... they both'll work (in very different ways). :)

You've been dearly missed!

Please... do something to liven up this dreary refuge!

Have we been introduced to your reference?


p.s. Oasis has been on its death bed for weeks... could hardly lift an arm! And with your appearance (apparition?)... it almost acts like it might be coming back to life! You may be magical!

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On peut souhaiter.

I'm glad that the site came back. I don't have good news, really, just figured if i was to post this somewhere, it'd be appreciated here.

not feeling particularily talkative to anyone at the moment...
That's redick!

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Uh... There was at least one other space...

and the date was propitious. :(

You sound a bit down... dunno, really. But, is help accepted?

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'and definitely not your

'and definitely not your dick' oh my god
i love you

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I think that was just an oversight: I'm sure she meant penis! :)

However... I had to struggle over the double negative: Too big or too small?

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"too" big, no. gigantic, yes.
That's redick!

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the format on tumblr was way better,

paragraph breaks, etc. I italicized that part, ehehe
love you too!

seriously he's got one massive D and I will never stop making jokes about it ever he can just deal with it

someone read that line and was like "i didn't know poetry could be humorous except limericks", and i think that poetry sometimes doesn't always have to be sad, and that the humour emphasizes my pain more
because it shows a happier side of us and it makes you laugh and relate, etc

pain is easy to sympathise with, sometimes it's the happiness that causes the pain that often gets left out in poetry?
That's redick!

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Don't fret, Draco... it could be worse...

or better... depending on current circumstances! :)

"Man With 13.5-Inch Penis, Offers Jon Hamm Advice"


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If the bed can't contain you, him, and his dick, you'll have to find somewhere to hide it...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Some come that are...


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I've missed the...

habit of starting sentences in the subject line.

Beautiful poem, my friend.

* * *

Moloch, whose name is the Mind!