Alabama Schools Teach that Being Gay is Criminal!

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It IS Alabama. Don't expect anything too good from them. This kinda just proves that stereotypes about the deep South tend to be correct...

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:-(( . . .

Being a Southern boy, sadly this is how many people here feel and are brought up to believe.

On a positive note I live in a revitalized neighborhood in what's considered a very desirable area.

It's also the "gay" part of the city.

There is hope for Dixie still!!!!!


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I received an invite to

sign that kid's petition from, so I did....but now I am getting e-mails from them daily...annoying. But yeah, that is so screwed up. Just as bad as that teacher who said gays had no 'purpose' in life.

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Not really that annoying... at least not for me

I signed as well.

And, yes, will send "issues" that might interest you... but, they're not annoyingly numerous. Many are immediately trashed; I sign maybe about 20% when I'm truly affected... and if I feel my signature stands a ghost of a chance of wielding the desired effect.

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I told not to e-mail me anymore. I just don't think 94% of those petitions are of any use, it just feels good to sign them.

Also, and I've never been able to find evidence to the contrary: Is there any history of a petition ever resulting in actual change? By which I mean, just a petition.

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