Can you imagine the vitriol unleashed by Republicans…

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all because Senator Portman (Republican) had the temerity to publicly announce that he stands firmly in support of his gay son… and of gay marriage!?

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Although I loathe politics

Although I loathe politics and everything they do to society, I've still sensed a change in the dynamic of the Republican party. I read that over half of Republicans 40 or under (or perhaps it was 50...) support same sex marriage, and the fanatical Republicans, y'know, the ones who basically shrug off rape and claim that gays will destroy the fabric of traditional families, are becoming more isolated.

Portman is an example of the changing climate of the GOP, I think. I mean, from what I've heard he was anti-gay before this revelation about his son, but this is still a good step forward! Hardcore Republicans, the most outspoken ones, are being laughed at more and more by the mainstream, so here's hoping a shift in their ideology continues...

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And I share those hopes...

btw: Here's an article that tends to demolish the image that Republicans like to project: they're faithfully following the path that Lincoln would have them travel! Not! :(

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Yeah, I've always found it

Yeah, I've always found it incredibly ironic that long ago Republicans like Lincoln stood for racial equality, and now they're so anti-immigrant, anti-any-race-but-white. Just proves how drastically political parties evolve.

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They are realizing their social agenda and minority indifference is becoming a barrier to them winning, and even more so when you look to the future.

So, they keep saying we need to get out into these communities and tell them who we are, etc., but there's been no change at a party platform level, so while there is movement, there is still nothing new to report just yet.

Portman's story does reinforce how a rigid ideology is quickly changed, though. But at the same time also shows how little there is holding up that house of cards...

Another big issue, though, is that many of the big donors to the party are the craziest ones in the bunch. So, they will need to get on board, too, as no one is going to change the party platform until there is money ready to follow it there.

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That's the key

Word right there, Money. It's fairly obvious change is afoot in that fractured party, however, changing the lobbyists minds is a slippery slope, most politicians cave in regardless of affiliation.