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I feel like I've already named a journal that... oh well. All of you can't get enough of this C V N T L I F E.

So I got ungrounded a few days ago (got in a fight, parents found out about all the sex and smoking and all sorts of inappropriate shit I was doing) and surprisingly I feel fucking worse than when I was grounded. I guess its been kinda hard switching between my pre-grounding craziness to post-grounding life-sucks-shit-iness.

It's alright though. Things are starting to settle back into place, so I'll be fine. Especially since my ass is gonna be all medicated up with some Lexapro any day now. I can't take the anxiety anymore. It has gotten so bad that I'm borderline suicidal and its physically painful. Every attack feels like someone is stabbing me, and on occasion like I'm being electrocuted, no joke. So I'm giving in and becoming a typical pill-popping American.

So anywho, I'm hornier than fuck itself. I haven't had sex in WEEEEEKS and its absolutely killing me! There's this guy in my Math Models class who's "straight" and he keeps giving me the "I wanna fuck you" stare, it's driving me nuts. Problem is that I don't know if he'd rather blow me or engage in cunnilingus. so my ass is not making the first move. Like, bitch you know I'm gay. Come over and give me a damn sign so I can suck that Latino cock. UGH.

I officially hail that title as "Most Crude, Unsophisticated Oasis Member."

I'm kind of all over the place, probably because it's now 11:15 on a Wednesday night and I'm running of store brand Coke-Zero. So it's a typical ElsaGabor journal ;) It's funny when I read over this shit and cringe at my own words. I'm pretty sure I'm the only member who has ever written "suck that Latino cock" in a journal ever, which is something I hail as an accomplishment.


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Nope, you're not. :)

But I am pretty sure you are the first person to ever title a journal cuntlife. haha.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I needed to enlighten the masses of the magnificence of the cvntlife ;)

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I don't think,

you're the most crude and unsophisticated oasis member. Perhaps, more direct in stating your desires, but hardly crude. I think I've heard worse. Not to mention, I tend to behave myself(with regard to profanity)writing, as opposed to the way I speak in person. I have been told, on more than one occasion, I tend to drop a lot of F-bombs while explaining or trying to emphasize a point. Hey eh, fuck-em if they can't take a joke.
Congrats on your freedom or facsimile thereof. They honestly believe grounding you will stop or correct your naughty behavior? Be careful babe.

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people who can't handle an F-bomb here or there can have several seats ;) And thank you, I look forward to making the same mistakes -_- lol.