dirty little stars, toy soldier hearts

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Tell me, what do you think about when
the debutante moon has lost her charm
and there's nothing on TV to keep you up past 11 o'clock?
Do your eyes glaze over, remembering
how I used to hold your head on my knee and rake my
fingers through your yellow hair, baby?
Does your chest burn like a joint in the night with
the absurd memory of my mouth pressed to your
shadowy abdomen under turquoise plastic stars?
David, it was heaven, making you come undone!
You were dirty and beautiful; a clean-cut
little show choir first date gone wrong.

And I know I said you weren't my type
when we met but you've managed to
get under my skin and if I were being
completely honest, I'd have to admit
that no other drunken lover could make me
feel the absence of gravity like you did on
that sure-fire mattress in the afterglow of sex and freedom.

We talked about The Great Perhaps and
other poetic garbage and you said that
writers are the easiest crushes, but David,
are you ignoring this moment on purpose
just so I'd lose hope and drown?
You were always such a clever trick,
a Cheshire cat type of actor.
But theater geeks will never know
real passion like this because they're
restricted to stages in safe
little corners of Manhattan,
while I'm stuck in alleys and throwaway cafes,
writing songs about a lonely somebody who
fools the world with his pretty grin and crippling pride.

Autumn leaves and tequila spills;
bubblegum wrappers and brokenhearted lyrics
reminded me of your ghost stumbling around
my living room in designer jeans,
mumbling Shakespeare quotes
like a crazy insomniac prince.
David, just breathe a little faster for me..

I haven't had anyone else since your departure
at Vanderbilt station because I've realized that
what we had was more than make-believe and
no matter how many strangers mark your body
with their cheap tongues,
I'll always be the one you
thirst for with equal parts guilt and ecstasy.
That's just the way it is;
David, you were my best win,
cute and hungry, moaning inside my mouth,
top-or-bottom versatile, your vision blurred in pain.

If I had you again, you would never reject me
for a pair of wild eyes and empty smiles, baby.
You'd see that desperate lines and rough gestures
mean nothing because my testosterone touch was
better than any boy's you'll ever meet at a party in any city.

So you can be as flamboyant and daring as you wish,
just don't leave me on the doorstep,
waiting like a tramp in the snow.
David, you should know by now
I'm not a push-over for anime teases.
I just want to get your toy soldier heart beating faster.


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hot and heavy

hot and heavy

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lol I know :P I was inspired

lol I know :P I was inspired by a sexy song.

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Damn boy, must have been a very sexy song!LOL! I'm drinking my coffee and my thighs are sweaty, not a bad thing mind you, just delicious.

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haha your comment made me laugh..I'm glad you like it.