Have you set your Oasis clock?

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For those Oasies™ who've recently changed to daylight saving(s) time... first, make sure that your computer's clock shows the correct time... then, after you're logged in to Oasis, go to:

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and at bottom of page, adjust "Time zone" to your currently correct time.


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Mine set itself automatically. Either that, or it was incorrect for the last few months. Haha!

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My guess would be...

that you failed to set it back when we went off DST last spring.

On a side note... it's interesting to note that we (i.e., most states in the U.S.) observe DST for 34 out of 52 weeks of the year! Many argue... why not make it permanent?

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I think...

I had mine set to South African time for like 7 years when the site first launched.

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