here I go again

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let's get it over with fast, there'll be a lot of these in the coming months I suspect.
Female. Blonde, delicate, pretty, brown eyes, came from California, find reasons to talk to me. Goes by the name of Lina.
I've offered to tutor her in Composition and she thinks I'm smart. I'm also helping her get a volunteer position this summer.
Next one.
Male. Blonde, lithe (no other word, really), quiet, I find reasons to talk to him. Named Sam.
He sits next to me in Production and looks surprised whenever I look at him. He's the only boy I've noticed enough to remember what he's wearing, but thos jeans really stuck with me...or maybe just the view from behind them ;)
Moving on.
Female. Strawberry-gold, popular, wears a navy scarf. Named Fiona. Whenever I look at her I think of one of the women from The Mists of Avalon, maybe Nimue or Niniane. She's beautiful and I run whenever I see her because she's so f**king terrifying!
Next, an older one.
Female. Red hair, dancer, adorable vintage style. "Mariel."
She's so nice and vibrant and I don't mind being just friends. We played a funny game on the bus to a fieldtrip and have been friends since.
And there's Annika, but you all know her.
Damn, that's a lot! I'm such a romantic I fall in love with everybody.
Oh, and I might be getting a ferret. I'll name her Xena, Buffy or Morgause.


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A bevy of suitors is fine, as long as you find an interested candidate in the mix soon enough.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I vote Lina! She fancies

I vote Lina! She fancies you...

we must choose between what is right and what is easy. - J. K. Rowling