Horrible day.

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Yesterday was horrible.
School was boring, it was super cold in the morning and then it was super hot, I felt horrible, then after school I thought that I was going home, but no, my parents already had plans with my aunt and I was forced to go with them and I was dying of boredom, after that, I had plans with my two best friends and it was fun at the beginning until they told me that we were going to watch the miserables. The freaking movie was boring as hell, plus my best friends were holding hands and cuddling so it felt awkward, then it hit me, a attack of depression, I felt so alone in that theater, I had forgotten about my friends and all I could think was suicide; in the middle of the movie my best friend had to leave and it kinda made things worse, he never hang out with us, when we tells me that he will come to my house or make a plan with us he never comes and when he appears he has to leave early. When the movie was over my best friend was super happy and with a huge smile on her face, I asked her what was going on, she smiled more and replied with a simple nothing. I almost pass out in that mall because of hunger, I hadn't eaten anything and drank water in more than 12 hours; I had told her parents and mine that I was full and that I ate something in the mall and before, I was so weak. At home I didn't ate dinner, so I went straight to bed before someone notices something wrong with myself.

Today: I woke up at nine in the morning and felt so weak, but not hungry, I couldn't get up and I was thinking that my bed could be a great place to die, until I had the strength and got up, my last meal was on Friday at 6:30 am so I spent 27 hours without eating something. Finally I had breakfast and I couldn't feel hungry so it was like eating while you're full.


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Other than for all this excitement...

How's your love life progressing? Nico?

So... you've got a love/hate relationship with food?

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Love life?

I haven't seen Nico since my last party, but there might be a chance of spending 5 days with him and other friends on spring break.

Basically yeah, my stomach is worse than my moods swings.

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With other friends?

Sounds like a crowd... but... you think there is a chance?

Whatever... remember to always be good!

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It's some trip to a farm and I really don't know if he will go, I don't think so, plus I think that there will not be any chance.

I'm always a good kid!

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What homo doesn't like musicals?!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I don't like musicals, I just get bored on them.