I Seem Like an Average Straight Guy

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This coming out story --- together with its expressed uncertainties --- is posted in today's The Link ( student newspaper at Concordia University):


I found his story quite moving and eloquently expressed... very much reminiscent of what I might have expected from one of our one-time quite prolific Oasies™ who, if my memory serves me right, is (was?) also a student at Concordia...

And... as long as you have today's The Link open, you might as well take a look at this article:

A New Sexual Standard: "The Nature of Relationships and Sexual Orientations Are Evolving"



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"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Thanks for posting that, keith. I could relate to the first one quite well. the second seemed to relate more to polyamorous relationships, which do in way fit into the LGBT community, but as described in the article, are often shunned or overlooked due to Gay bias or prejudice, or merely thinking that those in Poly or those who identify as Bi are simply still figuring things out, and cannot possibly go both ways.

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