Is there anyone who's not heard about the infamous Anoka-Hennepin school system?

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After 7 deaths of students in one and a half years, a fanatically determined clutch of school board members who were "doing God's will" very begrudgingly relented after much kicking and screaming in the wake of public opinion and court orders.

Take heart! This is what can happen if sanity is allowed to prevail:

"Anoka-Hennepin schools: Gay bullying has eased after lawsuit settlement"


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I had not heard of this -

I had not heard of this - thanks for sharing! Great to see that things are getting better.

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Oh my...

this travesty of a school board was very much in the news... I think it was about a year ago. Surprised that you were unaware.

Anyway... I'm very pleased to see that you haven't joined "jumped ship" as have so many others! :(