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So I need to vent and I'm back.

For a while, my OasisJournals wouldn't work for me. Then it began working but I forgot to sign in. I'd remember to do so and then sit down to do it and forget. Which brings me to one of the main things I need to vent about.

I am having a ton of trouble with my memory. I'm not sure if its partially a social phobia/anxiety -related issue or what. But I forget what I'm saying in the middle of a sentence. And I've been very forgetful. I feel like I'm making less sense when I talk but I don't know if that's just a misperception I have.

I'm really worried about how I'm doing in classes. I haven't been able to write a strong essay in ages now, it seems. I think its because I'm not thinking clearly and so my writing turns into gibberish and I have serious problems with not knowing how to organize my writing. It's always been hard for me, but lately its been worse. And I get similar comments on my papers in various classes: "convoluted!"

I could use some suggestions, or encouragement, or something?


Ps--at some point I'll do more of an update about life


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essay advice

I'm pretty good at essays. I find that it's easier to stay focused on your topic if you go in very small, concise steps. Use bullets:
*Concrete Detail 1
*Why detail is important
*CD 2
*Importance of detail
*CD 3
*Importance of detail

Next, flesh out your bullets. Make them into full sentences and add quotes if you have any. Just keep adding to them until you have an essay--it goes faster as you get used to it.
You can PM me if you need more help! :)

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If it helps any, Oasis was down for everybody.

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Does your university have an

Does your university have an academic support or writing support centre? Someone there might be willing to both go over your essays with you before you hand them in as well as give you some tips for organizing your thoughts. If nothing else talk to your professors-- a professor of mine told me once that there's a period that most second/third year students go through where their ideas are growing faster than their ability to express them in an academic format. As we grow, particularly the time between 18 and 24, our brains start to physically be able to grasp higher level concepts and abstract ideas that are prevalent in academia, but because usually the first year basic English course is so focused on fixing everything the high school English taught there's no real explanation and time to practice an academic paper. So as I said, talk to someone who can help, and make an efort to read in academic journals (especially useful if it's for your own pleasure, learning about something you're interested in instead of for class), because the more you read the more it'll become automatic for you to write in that way as well. I went through a similar thing a year or two ago, though my problem was the opposite of yours-- I jumped to conclusions without explaining how I got there (because my brain didn't consciously move step by step) and I literally had to sit with a professor and verbally work out how I got to each point.