Life Happens #1

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The day that I wrote my last journal entry I handed in my science class project, and two poster presentation on the fermentation of grains to make alcohol. It took me two weeks to make and I thought it was a good effort by me.

Wow was I wrong!

On Monday my teacher told me she needed to talk to me, which surprised me a bit because I'm a good student in her class, and I'm never in trouble.

"Riley, you're project is not appropriate for your grade level or age. You'll have a week to turn in another "acceptable" one or you'll be given a zero for the assignment."

I couldn't believe it! The project was also an entry into my school's science fair with the best ones being entered into the counties science fair. Actually I was pissed, but when I told mom she was flaming red hot mad!

After some quick thinking, I did some research and applied some of what I've learned to do another project about how pig waste is converted into methane gas (there's lots of pig farms in Florida). It took me a week to do, which meant my free time was reduced down to next to nothing, to redo something that I really think was fine the first time around. At least I had some time to practice my drums!

That weekend was great, I got to hang out with my new friends Mike and Micah and we have been talking about making a band together, a power metal trio. I met Micah in band when my class schedule changed with the new semester and we just we like instant friends.

He's also cute, and then I found out that he and Mike are going together, so I told them the truth about me as well. I swear that made us get even closer.

The Monday happened again, and things just got sucky. I was about to go to lunch when I was called to the principal's office and I thought it was something about my science project, but when I got there it was my mom.

"Riley, grandpa's sick and he doesn't have long. We need to go back to Minnesota tonight to be with him."

I just didn't want to hear what she told me, and as we drove back home she told me more about it. It was some kind of cancer, and it was spread throughout his body and he was not going to last.

The flight there wasn't bad except for the delays, but after living in sunny Florida I had forgotten how miserable snow is, and was given a reminder of what real cold is like when we stepped outside into 5 degree weather. Luckily I still had a winter jacket and gloves but it was unbearably cold there.

We stayed at a hotel, something I haven't done in a long time and it felt strange to be back "home" when what I feel is my home is Florida.

The next day we went to see my grandparents, and it was much more emotional, and the reality of it all was hard to take.

I have to stop now, but I'll finish this tomorrow night.