Long time no see!!

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Hello everyone *waves enthusiastically*
(^_^ I just spelled enthusiastically correctly!!)

Anyway I haven't been to this site in a long time, I used to go by Meldiseus but this is a new account, and a lot of things have changed since then.

I'm in college, studying to be an actor, and have a wonderful bunch of friends. I'm out to my mom, 6 people, and I know that if I want to I could come out to my friends cause they're mostly people who know about the LGBT to some extent and get pissed at people who aren't understanding.

I've been on hormones for a while, and my life is kinda nice right now, but things are kinda irritating me right now. I don't know how often I'll post on here, but sometimes I need some one to complain to and this seems like a nice place to do it.

Anyway hi everyone I'm Agona_d, I used to be Meldiseus, and I'm thinking of changing my name to Kaylee, and I hope to be good friends with you all very soon.


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Hey! I remember you. Seems

Hey! I remember you. Seems like forever since you were around here. Glad to have you back :D

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Been a minute or two. lol.

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Isn't "I'm a theater major" pretty much considered coming out?

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