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I'm Riley (my middle name), I'm 15, and live in Florida although I'm originally from Minnesota, moving here two years ago. While this is my first time writing on here, I've been a loyal Oasis reader for over a year now. I finally decided to stop lurking because I think it's time that I start being a part of the gay community, even if it's just online. I'm not out so using my first name on here isn't something I'm comfortable with just yet.

Thanks to being born after the school cutoff date and having to repeat second grade I'm an eighth grader instead of being a high school sophomore, which honestly has it good points. Especially for me, since I'm barely five foot tall and weigh just under 100 pounds. There are some interesting things about being my age and looking like a fifth grader, but mostly it sucks.

When I was in second grade I started going through puberty really fast and as soon as it started it mysteriously stopped. The most obvious change was my feet grew real fast (and borrowing from Sam2000 on here), and Riley Junior grew to adult lenght. My mom discovered my sudden growth while I was taking a bath and freaked out, taking me to my pediatrician the next day. They put me through all kinds of tests and then didn't do anything. By the end of second grade I was wearing size 9 shoes.

I had been a good student until then and suddenly I just couldn't concentrate and started failing, and it was the worst day of my life when I was told I was going to be held back. I just cried and cried!

If going through puberty at twelve or thirteen is rough, imagine it at seven! The sudden adult sized thing in my pants caused me all kinds of trouble. I had to go from wearing tighty whities to boxer briefs and jeans that were too big for me just to be comfortable. I even had to have my baseball uniform pants and cup customized. I was really into competitive swimming and had to switch from a regular Speedo to a Jammer, and I always felt like people we staring at my bulge. Changing in the locker room wasn't fun either, but after a while I started to take my time getting dressed while the other guys stared at the uncut thing that hung halfway down my thighs.

At school the worst part was the surprise boners that were impossible to hide and the sudden attraction to other boys that grossed me out. The second worst part was having to pee in school. At a urinal everyone would stare at me while I fished it out of my pants so I'd go into a stall, which wasn't much better. I'd have to pull my pants and undies down to me knees to do it comfortably and boys would stick their heads under the stall wall to watch. Or they'd just climb up the wall and look over. It just wasn't a good time.

My parents were never married and I spend the summers with my dad in California, and the reason I didn't go to summer school to avoid being held back was all the summer programs there were full. Actually I think that was a good thing.

I'm going to stop now but thanks for reading and I can't wait to write on here again!



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I've noticed there have been a lot of guests hanging around lately, it's nice to see one of you finally decided to "move in," as it were!
It sounds like things have been tough for you. I never understood boys' bathrooms honestly, they sound like hell.
You've come to the right place for support, as you know!

The ducks will get you!

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Welcome to Oasis...

I'll support any issues you have with your sexuality, but as to your difficult life with your enormous cock?! Sorry, you're on your own there...;-)

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Welcome! I'm glad you

Welcome! I'm glad you finally felt comfortable enough to become an official member. I look forward to reading more about you.

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Welcome Riley,

Puberty at seven? Wow, that must have freaked you out a bit. I guess the rest of your body has some catching up to do, which is understandable. All I can say is be patient, you'll likely experience another growth spurt very soon, unless your glands decide not to cooperate. Certainly no need to be a lurker and it's good you felt comfortable enough to share your experiences here.

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Welcome to the site dude.

I cna kinda relate, as I was in the 95ht percentile for my age until about 14, so I was always 'bigger' than most of the other guys @ school. lol @ the jammers v. speedo thing. I always wore jammers. I was too embarrassed to wear a speedo when I swam.

anyway. Welcome to oasis. Glad you aren't a 'lurker' anymore....oh, and be doubt jeff will make references to your enormous cock from here on in.


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That would be...

out of envy. Right? :)

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speaking of said body part when hard I can almost completely unroll a condom on it ; ))

I don't think many prepubescent boys can do that and I think they're lucky!


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Wow, a year of lurking... why? In any case, yay for finally writing stuff!

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Glad to see a new member :)