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I just wrote, costumed, casted, filmed, and edited a movie in 72 hours. And that's over the course of three school nights.
Why, you might ask? I'll tell you why. Because my Mythological Figures composition presentation is going to be the standard by which all Mythological Figures composition presentation Mythological Figures composition presentations are graded. It is going to be the presentation that Mr. fucking Richards is going to talk about for the rest of his life. And it is going to get an indisputable A.
My project is based on the myths surrounding Artemis, the Greek goddess. It has to include, in 4 minutes or less:
Greek Name
Roman Name
Where they lived
Recap a myth
Visual representation (picture)
Modern relevance (characters based on them, etc)
That's a lot of information for four minutes. Most kids decided to make a powerpoint and just list all of the information. But the myths captured my imagination and I realized that Artemis would be a dream role. So my partner Diana (who's also queer, incidentally) and I decided to make a movie.
We researched all the information we could and I went home and wrote the script.
Diana and I discussed the script, edited, and I went home again. As soon as I got home I posted in the school drama FB page, asking for actors to meet me the next day after school. Three showed up: Nice Gabby, not-quite-reliable Hunter, and bossy Danielle. Between the five of us we had several roles to play. Danielle was Hera and Callisto (The Unchaste Handmaiden); Hunter was Apollo/Camera Guy; Gabby was Poseidon (with a surprisingly convincing hair-beard); Diana was Leto (Artemis's mom); and I, of course, starred as Artemis. We took one hour to film, and then I went home and put together the clips in a "rough draft."
My cast forgot to come to Day Two of filming. However, I was able to substitute some pictures of old pottery for actors. :) I then finished editing, the final touch being to create a montage to "Holding Out for a Hero." The movie is almost exactly 4 minutes long!!

It's actually quite a good movie. Funny, but to-the-point. We really hammed it up on set, and I think that Gabby, Diana and Hunter may be my friends now. Like, real friends, not just "people I talk to at school." It's nice!
Anyway, I'm very proud of myself. Goodnight!


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And did I mention I spent 3 hours gathering random scraps of cloth and trying to make them somewhat resemble togas? I didn't get to bed until, like, 1 o'clock!