Oh dear

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It seems that I've got a hopeless crush, but I always was one big cliche. Her name is Annika and she's funny and pretty and she's super talented--she can sing so beautifully and she's an amazing actress...sigh.
In other news, I'm getting over a bad cold and I have to go to physical therapy now. Apparently I'm too thin so I don't have enough muscle to support my scoliosis-ridden back. Thank god for insurance, right? I'm hoping I can replace it with ballroom dancing classes soon.
Is anyone else watching The Neighbors? It's hilarious!
Anyway...I kinda came out a little. My semi-friend Aleksandra was talking about how she was "sexuality agnostic" (not really sure if she likes girls) and I was like "Oh, see, I'm the opposite." And she said "You prefer girls? (I nodded) Why didn't you tell me? (I shrugged)." And that was that. So yeah. Weirdly easy.
That's all. Bye!


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COngrats on coming out.

THat's awesome. I do understand the scoliosis/ back thing. My sister went throug it when we were kids. I need to get my insurance sorted.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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On scoliosis...

Here's one Oasie's™ solution:


It could work for you as well!

Good luck.

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And nicely done! No making a big deal of it.
Ballroom dancing sounds fun! Much better than physical therapy...
Annika sounds really cute. Singing ability is always so attractive.