One Taste And You're Going To Be Hooked

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I wrote about being exposed to porn in my last journal, this one's going to be a continuation of that but a bit more sinister.

A few weeks after seeing my first porn and learning a important new skill Justin came over to my place one Saturday with a DVD that he promised I would enjoy. We closed the drapes and undressed, knowing that what we would be watching would lead to us having fun.

This DVD was a better quality and was called "Milkshake", a title that made no sense to me, and stared with a young chubby woman sitting on a couch who said out loud that she could really use a milkshake. She then was on the phone asking different guys if they could come over for a pool party.

The next scene she was naked in a bedroom kneeling in front of a guy and sliding his trunks down and then putting her mouth to work, ending with the guy squirting into a glass. I think she did this to ten or so different guys of all different sized, shapes and races. The final scene was her saying that she finally had a milkshake and she sucked through a straw what was in the glass.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen, I had kind of heard of guys being sucked like that and I knew what was squirting out of them but just seeing it done was way beyond me.

Then Justin got down on his knees in front of me and asked if I wanted to do it?

I didn't last long at all, and when it was my turn I did my best I could on him, and it wasn't too long before he had his feeling too. I still remember how he smell and tasted, and I wanted to do it again and much as I wanted to feel it again.

I still don't know why but when I finished him as soon as he stood up I kissed him on his lips for a long time, and it was my very first kiss.

I saw fireworks!

We did the same thing again several more times that day, and from then on that's we did whenever we could.

Not long after that my dad sent me a really nice computer and paid for us to have cable internet, and I soon discovered chat rooms.

Well, to be more specific, gay chat rooms.

And soon, I found out that there were other gay boys my age.



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Other gay boys your age?

Wouldn't Justin have tipped you off to that? Seeing that he was blowing you?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles