Rainbow Flags and Torn-up Letters

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We wanted to make history.
We wanted to make this an
epic thing filled with riots
and dangerous kissing
behind liquor stores,
feeling the thrill of
being chased to death,
having our hearts
beating on the edge.

Or perhaps, that was what I wanted.
Darling, you only wanted waffles,
sugary and tasty at 8 A.M;
holding hands while listening
to Harvey Milk on the radio.
"You gotta give them hope," he'd said.

You always liked a good
old-fashioned thunderstorm,
watching from the window
as it ripped open the sea
and spilled its foamy secrets
all over the harbor.

Darling, I was never in
the habit of staying still.
You know me, always had
to touch sparklers and flames
for the sheer art of adrenaline.
"Like a crazy person," you said
whenever the bruises
needed bandages.

Yet, long phone calls
became too much and
there weren't enough
hours in a day to make
things right because I
was just guessing at
how much you wanted me
as we stood on the sidewalk,
waiting for the copper sun
to settle our argument.
And by then, you were through.

Tearing up lyrics,
discarding the pieces,
I dissected the metaphors
you were so fond of.
But in the end,
the wastebasket was full,
while my mind
stayed empty
with only the words "I'm sorry"
grounding me to earth.

Glistening spring poured down
on rainbow flags as I stood outside,
wishing on taxis and gypsies,
wanting to go back to your
birthday in the fall because
all you asked for was compassion.


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This is so beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. I really like the third stanza. Probably because I love being outside during thunderstorms, Lightning always gives a nice rush to the senses.

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thunderstorms are awesome ;)