South of Nowhere

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Hey, guys. It's been a while since I've been around. I finished rewatching South of Nowhere tonight. It was a rage inducing show and the acting wasn't always the best but Spashley was cute as hell. :)

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to fill the void left by Buffy. God damnit that show was great. Seriously, if you haven't watched it, do yourself a favour and give it a chance. If the humour and dialogue doesn't get you then the eventual love story between two girls should. It was awfully sweet and well done for a show made over ten years ago. Hell, it's amazing compared to even todays. It really made my year. Just stay the hell away from spoilers. Don't even visit the Wikipedia for the show or the characters - you will ruin things for yourself (like I did).

I even got my dad into the show. Hehe. And now we're watching Angel together. It's nowhere near as good but we're more than halfway through the second season and it's starting to get kinda interesting. Yeah... the show's not really my cup of tea but I am liking Lorne. It lacks so much of the humour that made Buffy so great. I was laughing all the time when I was watching Buffy but with Angel... it's like dead silence. A lot of melodrama that for me is very "meh". The exception is Disharmony. That was a great episode and Harmony was hilarious. But of course all it did was make me miss Buffy. Guess we'll see how the show goes but I've already been majorly spoiled about all the big plot happenenings so there aren't even suprises to be had. Shame.


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Welcome back...

Ash...your dad watches angel? haha. I used to watch both of those shows when I would be home in the summer or sick-they were always on daytime TV, especially angel. have to agree on angel not being as good as buffy though. haha. Sarah michelle gellar? Is just way hotter.

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He does! It took forever to

He does! It took forever to get my dad to give Buffy a real chance but now he absolutely loves it. I think him watching Dexter with me made him realize that I do, indeed, have good taste cause he watched Buffy soon after that. And funny that you say Sarah was hotter. She seemed to only get better looking as the show went on. I feel the opposite kinda happened to David Borneaz. But maybe it's because he was so much older to begin with. He was very attractive in the first three season of Buffy. Those Puppy dog eyes. Gah.

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I love Buffy!

we're putting on the musical episode at my school this semester

The ducks will get you!

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Oh, really? I'd love to be

Oh, really? I'd love to be apart of that eeven though I can't sing. Like at all. The musical was easily one of the best episodes.

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