Ummm....first date, maybe????

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So I'm going to eat lunch w/ Lina. We've been talking a bunch on FB but I'm not really sure if she *likes* me or thinks I seem like a good friend...It would be helpful if I knew she was gay.
I'm dressing up anyway :)
I just got back from shopping in Portland.I got 3 new dresses: A floor-lengh Grecian-style dress w/ blue flowers on it; A shorter green dress w/ white embroidery at the hem; and a short black tunic w/ little white hearts on it. My new green blouse and vintage blue shoes arrived too.
Can you tell I like clothes? :) I think I'll wear the green dress to lunch tomorrow.
I hope she likes me. It might be awkward otherwise...
Oh, and the jury's still out on the ferret.


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The issue of whether she likes you is already answered. You just don't know that answer.

If you want answers, ask questions. It will not affect the answers. It will only answer the questions.

If you need assurances before moving forward, you should stop taking advice from whoever who told you such a thing exists.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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To ask "Do you like me?"...

point-blank is fraught with risks you'd be better to avoid!

This is the type of question that rarely results in a totally satisfactory outcome: not for the one asking the question, nor for the one who's been "maneuvered" to respond!

It's far better to "internalize" the response from your collective mutual experiences. It's uncomfortable... I know so well; but you'll both survive... as friends, if not more...

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Good for you,

Maddie. Just have lunch with Lina and see where the conversation leads you. If you need to know if she likes you, immediately, simply ask her.
Make sure not to 'internalize' her response to you, this is what leads to hurt feelings. If she just wants friendship she'll likely let you know pretty quick.
I guess it depends on how you ask the question. Good luck and most importantly have a good time, regardless of the outcome.

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That should be fun!

Congrats on a *maybe* first date? Also, good luck. Where are you guys going/have planned? You could definitely have a fun night out in friends. lol.

and yes, I can tell you love clothes. Let me guess, you are saddened by the news that what not to wear is going to be off TV soon like my friend teresa, and you love tim gunn. haha.

But on a serious note....good luck. and try to bring it up subtly? Not that I am/have ever been good at that.

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