Untitled Journal Entry #3

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I've discovered my new favorite visual artist! He's called David Burdeny, and these are some great examples of his work:

His icebergs are his best, anyway, at least in my opinion. He focuses on seascapes and lonely, desolate atmospheric photography, such as those above. He also does some fascinating minimal paintings of water, among other styles. It seems like He's the same exact person as me, because this kind of stuff is exactly what I've always found the most beautiful. I'm so glad to finally find actual pictures of the scenes that have always been in my fantasies. I wish I could show more, but that would take up too much space.

Also, David Burdeny and SleepResearch_Facility were meant for each other:
(sorry about 30-second previews only)

In other news, I'm learning to play Greensleeves with the classical guitar method. I did not think I'd actually be able to do this.

Quick edit:
I forgot to mention that I'm going to Boston for four days tomorrow, so I won't be back on here to reply to anything until Sunday. Sorry about the short notice.


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Serene... very calming... huh?

Yeah. I like: primarily all black and white... but still in color!

Have a great trip! And... be good! (at least in public) :)

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Uh... It's been a full week! :(

I hope nothing bad befell you in Boston?