Vacation In Your Mind

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As titles suggests, yes assume it. Hanging out with friends is nice, and no classes for a week is cool. I find myself occupied with too much time, and even studying has become fun for me. Nothing wrong with that per se, just never thought I'd look forward to it as much as I do in this current part of living.

I was thinking of going to a Starbucks with a friend by week's end, probably just going to to hang out and whisper jokes to each other about all the people on iPads and Macbooks. Perhaps come back to the house and rock out, maybe even see a small tidbit of my favorite documentary, Israel's Shattered Dreams.

That'll be nice. I often find myself just going with the flow these days, it's pretty cool. Sometimes it feels like something's missing though, I know I'm doing enough right, still feels like I could do more with my life. No Masjids to hang around at, not many "nice" pool halls in the vicinity, but at least there're some nice tennis courts a block away.

Sometimes I can be odd... I often find myself caring about vanity. Probably not a bad thing, I suppose we all should care about our appearance from time-to-time, keeping tabs on ourselves. Funny how us with little disposable income manage to have fun and entertain ourselves.

We make things work, Urbanites we are, haha. I know the T-man would approve of such a term, but the M dude... eh, he's another story altogether. He's got a badass XBOX 360 though haha. Anyway, just a whole bunch of unassorted thoughts. Like riding on an empty bus in a storm, you think about all kinds of shit. lol


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Nothing wrong with a little vanity, as long as, you don't obsess about it. I wish I could get a week off, I'd probably end up going skiing at least for a day or possibly two. Just being able to chill with someone would be nice.
Hope the rest of your week off treats you well.

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I've going with the flow,

since I started taking my Lexapro :p Entertaining yourself with little disposable income is honestly where the best fun comes from. Money makes finding entertainment too easy and effortless.