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I feel that this past week has been a blur. I have been so out of it lately. Am I tired? Sick? Or do i have crippling depression knowing that no one knows who i truly am. Sometimes, i don't even know who i am.
I told one person that I am bisexual and already, it is backfiring. No, he hasn't told anyone but he almost talked about it in front of my other friend who is has proved himself untrustworthy on a number of occasions.
He also blackmails me and threatens to tell Sarah. If he told Sarah, hell would freeze over for me. Sarah is this annoying girl who only comes to me for money, or homework answers. She will throw a full on tantrum if i don't let her copy my homework when she wants to. I treat her like an annoying 7 year old sister. Whining. Whining. Whining. SHUT UP. More Whining, More ignoring. Fuck my life.

*Changed people's names for reasons of being more anonymous*