a text on nothing

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i would just like to be quiet with someone who understands the ways of why i can't continue right now, i feel so anchored to something which wants to keep me unwell. how do you cope with such a strange and frightening body? i hate it, i hate it! i don't want to take too-many medicines. i don't want to be afraid of turning the page.

i need to believe in love like some people believe in faerie-tales but more often than not i find myself even more alone within it. i wish you could visit me more often, i can't stand waiting in this springtime.


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That something...

to which you feel tethered… is anthropomorphic? It wishes to punish you for reasons incomprehensible? Memories of past hurts should be jettisoned; turn that page without succumbing to fears of what might lie beyond…

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I don't know, it's all very

I don't know, it's all very strange. Today, I am feeling a little bit better.