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Hmm yeah so I was just getting ready to make a whiny scary journal entry about gendershit and this girl I met and how gendershit gets in the way of stuff

and then

she just asked me out

and yeah words are not doing well with me right now so 'bye. Back elsetime with more stuff yeah.


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Good news AND we don't have to read about gendershit?! Double win!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I know. I'd been putting off the gendershit journal because I hate them just about as much as you do! But it was really bothering me on Sunday so I figured it was needed... and then this happened!

I had thought it sure seemed like we had some chemistry going on, but I got myself all worried that well she'll probably be turned away from liking me because of gendershit and yeah, even though she'd seemed awfully cool with all of it so far - I just don't expect anyone to be that accepting, ever. Like, Miki was the good end of what I expect from people - sort of a 'No problem, no barrier to friendship, but you can't be my boyfriend unless you're a boy' attitude.

And maybe I shouldn't have worried, considering how she reacted that time last week when I actually made a somewhat successful flirt and we both freaked out like "Ack what is flirt how do flirt did we just have a flirt just now giggle insanely." And considering how Friday night a movie night turned into a sleepover and we fell asleep holding hands. That seems like a pretty clear sign. But I reminded myself that she's a very friendly and affectionate person and that's maybe just the way she is.

But then yesterday I came home to a message that said, in effect, "Hey what pronouns do you prefer, I need to know what to call you when telling people how smitten with you I am." And then she said I was a Mr. Hottiness and she wanted to go on a date with me for texting and scones. (Did I mention we met at Whovians club and bonded over nerdery? Yeah she actually said texting and scones. So we are going to go out for texting and scones.)

I am ridiculously excited about all this. I like this girl! I really enjoy spending time with her! And bless her bless her bless her for being straightforward and asking me rather than leaving me to muddle around being awkward and second-guess-y and impossible.

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lucky duck
Does this girl have a sister? ;)

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You must tell us all the gory details about the date IMMEDIATELY after it's over. Have a super amazing unbelievable awesome time, because you deserve it!