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This is so wrong.
So very fucking wrong.

What happened in Boston... shocked me. Jarred me. Disturbed me. Honestly, I haven't a good word for the feeling.

People have been hurting each other since the dawn of time. Wars, bombings, massacres, serial killings... none of this is new. None of it. I've heard people talk about how things are so much worse nowadays, but I'm not sure I believe that. Things have been this way for aeons. People kill each other all the time in creative, ingenious ways that each cause more suffering than the last. We're brilliant at it. Not that we're the only ones to do this- no, no. Anyone who tells you that animals don't behave like we do are dead wrong. The easiest example to give are Chimps- infant cannibalism, rape, and bloody murder are commonplace amongst their tribes. Dolphins, crows, elephants... Actually, the intelligent animals seem to be the cruelty. Maybe a species needs to be intelligent to find joy in suffering. That might make sense.

It's true that these things happened... And it's true that they still happen. And maybe the always will. But where people fuck up- where they really, really fuck up- is where they say that since it will always happen, we shouldn't try to prevent it. If you don't believe that people say that, listen to the gun control debate.

This happens all over the world. Every day, every minute, every second, someone is hurt. Someone is murdered, raped, tortured, robbed, left to die... All over. That makes it so easy to say that we can't change it. We can't fix this problem. Why bother?

I'll tell you why. Because every single thing that happens- every murder, rape, torture, robbery, negligence- is just as cruel, disgusting, hateful, and destructive as every other one. The murder of a black boy on the streets of New York- the one nobody noticed, where the media left it be, because it happens all the time- is just as disgusting as the murders at Sandy Hook, just as fucked-up as the attempted genocide of the Jews by the Third Reich, and just as disastrous as the mythical betrayal of Christ by Judas Iscariot. It's all the same. It's all evil. It's all so fucking disgusting.

But what's even more disgusting is the fact that nobody cared. Nobody thinks about that poor motherfucker dead in a gutter, because who was he? He was nobody. He was just another death, not even warranting a tear or a second thought. Hell- odds are, when he cried for help, when he pleaded for anyone to save him, the people the turned their heads, certain that someone else would take care of it. And those people had nothing to do with it, right? They weren't the one holding the gun.

Well, they might as well have been. They're just as fucking guilty as the one who sent the bullet crashing into the boy's body, puncturing a lung and lodging itself in his spine, leaving him just enough time to live to feel the agony and hate carried by the lead pellet. They might as well have done it themselves, because they didn't lift a fucking finger.

Those people have failed. They've failed to help another person when they needed help, and they've failed everything they ever could wish to be. They are scum, they are filth- they are the shit that the dead body expelled once the brain was no longer there to tell it to stay in. And you know? We've all done it. We've all failed. And we are all so, so fucked up for it.

The only way we can redeem ourselves from the filth that we lounge comfortably in, wallowing in the self-satisfaction of spreading the message 'KONY 2012- TAKE ACTION', jacking off to our own swelled sense of superiority is to actually DO SOMETHING. To pay attention to the destruction around us. To save the people we see every day, instead of some poor African infant that we saw in NatGeo Magazine, because no matter how much cash you shuttle into Zimbabwe, it means less than shit if you ignore the one crying in the apartment across the street.

Boston has felt something terrible. Boston is a reminder to all of us just how terrible things can become. Boston is a reminder of just how important it is to value saving a life over killing an enemy combatant. Because who is that combatant but a man or woman who believes that they're just as right as you? Why should we kill a person halfway across the globe when we could be saving one- one that is disappearing NOW- on your doorstep?

Maybe we can never change things- but we have to try. And we can't just pretend we're helpless, because we aren't. The people who tried to save their countrymen from the explosions in Boston weren't. And they were just normal people. So are we. So were the victims.

We all- you, me, everyone- need to stop fucking up and LOVE.