Boston Marathon Disaster

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I'm sure everyone has heard by now what happened at the hallowed Boston Marathon, so I won't bore you with the details. There's an inordinate amount of information online and elsewhere, some of which is true, some not exactly correct. Make no mistake, this was indeed an act of terror, it's just too early to make assumptions on who's responsible. Fortunately, the people of Boston and surrounding communities are pretty tough, Literally and figuratively. This is the kind of shit that just embolden's Bostonians to act. I truly believe with all the cameras, security cams from businesses along Boylston St. and the evidence left in the aftermath,as well as, the fragments still being removed from victims, the F.B.I should be able to solve parts of this puzzle. As to the 'Who', well that remains to be seen.
Ironically, it was such a nice day. A typical cool New England morning, with only a light breeze was a perfect set-up for the runners. I walked up the little side street I work on around 11:00a.m. to get my coffee at the Refuge Cafe. I was struck by how many parties were in full force during my short walk up to the corner of Harvard & Brighton avenues. Just another full city Block up Harvard ave. is Commonwealth Ave. which is the route the runners take on their way into downtown Boston.
It's truly sad this day had to be marred by such an evil act and I suppose it's something that could easily happen again. Boston is very well known for hosting many outside events, including sports venues. It's safe to say as Americans, we get complacent with regard to our security. We watch all the strife around the world on cable, the internet, etc. and we're shielded from all this violence and war. Until, of course, something like this happens. I think, whether we like it or not, we are involved in these wars. It's an event like this or worse, 911, which reminds us of this.


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I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if we begin another 9/11-esque witch hunt. I also wouldn't be surprised if the government exploits this as an excuse to pass strict, illogical legislation that supposedly gives us "more security" when in reality it just restricts our rights.

The fact of the matter is that terrorism will always persist, and no amount of new legislation or tighter security measures is going to completely wipe it out. The most we can do is punish the perpetrator and carry on.

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I think you've got that right! :(

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I'm not convinced,

a witch-hunt will take place. I agree the government will attempt to take away rights using security as an excuse, however, legislation can be defeated by the will of the people excercising pressure on state reps and congressman.
I'm not certain, but this may be a foreign person/s acting on influence from abroad. Coincidentally, letters laced with the poison Ricin have appeared in Washington targeting a senator and the President. Can't really say for sure if there is a connection, probably not.
There is going to be an arrest on this, i'm very confident the FBI have clear video cam footage of a suspect(taken from a clothing retailer's security cam across the street from the explosion) and it's only a matter of time before they identify him. We'll see.

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i was very sad at this

i was very sad at this happening.

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That pic of the 8-year-old boy

had me in tears. This was on HuffPost... don't know if it appeared elsewhere or not. I don't know whether it was proper to post his pic or not... but it made me profoundly sad!

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Was that,

A picture from the bombing? I didn't see anything on Martin, thankfully. I saw pictures of several injured people being carried or carted away, some of which I fear lost lower limbs. I find it difficult to imagine they allowed a picture of that boy, he must have been a mess.
I listened to a story this morning on NPR(WBUR) regarding the boy, his sister and mother. That brought me to tears. He had just left his father's side after his father crossed the finish line. He was going back to the spot where his mother, sister, and older brother were watching. Just an absolute shame.

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No... not after the bombing!

That would have been even more objectionable. They were pictures of a very happy Martin Richard... with a future no longer....

Somehow... I feel so much more devastated when children are the victims of such senseless carnage.

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May have painted myself into a corner by saying I reply to anything that isn't poetry. I also avoid non-gay current events. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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The event is non-gay, but I'm quite sure there's a percentage of runners who are indeed gay. Not to mention, this actually occurred in a section of the back bay area, which is very gay-friendly. So, there is some relevence to it, I believe.

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The issue...

Is that America in general tends to overreact to events, and be perpetually startled by what most other countries in the world consider commonplace. I would get behind the frenzy if it ever leads to change, but as it tends not to be the case (see today's inability to pass a bipartisan gun control bill after the school shootings), then all we turn news into a platform to share sad news and photos (see aforementioned dead 8 y/o), a lot of unchecked bravado (If I ever got my hands on whoever did this, blahblah), and "inspirational" stories that aren't really inspirational, but make people who are ODing on the news cycle feel better about the dreary state they've worked themselves into (like that some guy wearing a hat helped people who were hurt? I didn't read about him, but I'm not sure what's heroic about helping people, that's just a normal reaction).

Plus, the first thing I heard is a Saudi Arabian guy was taken into custody, although he received far less attention when he was let go later without being arrested, etc.

I just think too many people are tragedy junkies and that if shooting 7 year olds at point blank range doesn't lead to very neutered gun control legislation, I don't know what effect this will have long-term.

I do think we're too quick to fall back on a script, but after you see that movie too many times, you start not liking the ending and not paying admission to attend.

I have a friend who lives in Tel Aviv, and if there was a cafe bombing there, I would message him and he would reply, "We're fine, that was way across town." Perhaps they are too used to violence, where it is commonplace. But there should be somewhere sane to live in the middle...

Another reason I barely read anything about this for the first day entirely:

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I Love Stewart and his method of parody. The press needs to be spanked from time to time, because news has become overly focused and disgustingly dramatic about most of their reporting. Frankly, it's so fucking phony. That's why I didn't provide any detail. My empathy was for the victims of this nonsense. You're also correct about people becoming obsessive about fantastical news reports. I can assure you I'm not a fan of that, but this happened where I live, and yes, everyone is talking about it.
I realize 'neutering' the gun laws would seem imperative to reducing gun violence, however, criminals will still buy guns illegally. If you believe violent criminals who shoot people indiscriminately actually get their 'backgrounds' checked and obtain licenses, i'm sorry to say, it's a bit short-sighted. I haven't seen the language in that legislation, but I'd be willing to bet the measure was defeated because of non-sensical add-ons. I firmly believe the law should be tightened on specific things, but these rules only apply to law-abiding gun owners and dealers.
I have no intention of 'getting used to' this sort of violence or any violence at all because it's all bad and typically senseless.

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Always nice to have strong opinions about legislation you didn't read. ;-)

The gun area is the ONLY debate where there's no use passing a law because criminals won't follow it. Isn't that every law?!

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I know, I know,

Things have been quite busy lately, I haven't had time to sit down and read the legislation, but I will.
Just to give an example of how you circumvent the law, in this case Massachusetts law on gun purchases. It's harder to walk into a gun dealer and buy an AR-15 off the shelf and quite expensive to boot.
However, I can buy parts, all the necessary parts to build one myself, even if they make the gun itself illegal to buy or own.
Because the parts aren't capable of firing on their own, in this state, it isn't illegal to purchase them. If you get involved in a group buy of parts, through dealers or individuals, you can get what you need without paying excessive mark-up and you assemble it.

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But that is true of lots of things. I mean, in the topic that started this thread, pressure cookers are legal to buy, as well.

You can't be against laws that do something because they don't do everything, not to mention if they did everything, you'd oppose them as too restrictive. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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May something positive come out of this tragedy!

I hope something positive will come out of this, and I believe in my heart it will.


LostSouls are four gay friends-Alex, Dalton, Chase, & Jake-who ended up being stepbrothers by dumb luck. We are also a support group for four other gay kids who have to keep their sexuality a secret. We live in the Bible Belt, which explains a lot.

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Let's hope so,

I feel the same way. And Welcome Alex, Dalton, Chase & Jake.

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People live in fear in america...

fear or terrorists, fear of objects, fear or free thinking, etc. It is ridiculous. I am not saying that what happened in boston is not tragic, it is....but we are not as secure, or immune to war, politics, and terrorism like the government wants to falsely lure people to believe. In other parts of the world, shit like that happens daily, and no attention is ever paid to it in the mass media. Also, look how many suspects and 'arrests' were made in the first 72 hours, media ruining the lives of innocent people accusing them before they were even in custody of acts they were later proven not to have committed. It's ridiculous.

Bit the populace of the US of A listens to their government, their leader, and the media....we are safe, we are immune, etc.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Actually babe,

When the government tells me I'm safe and there's nothing to worry about, I take no solace from that. Shit, they've been telling me for years that growing Marijuana is illegal and if caught, Ten years in prison.
To date, I've never been caught and now the local laws are more relaxed now, but I'll always take the same precautions. I don't implicitly trust the feds.