Buffy, Anastasia & SNL

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It's hailing so hard right now that my mom actually has a legit excuse not to take me out for milkshakes (the fact that we can't drive, not the temp. I can eat ice cream anywhere, any time).
I hope that means I don't have to go to school tomorrow. I hate school. I hate Mr. Richards, who can't give directions when we need them and talks to hear his own voice.
I also hate how my mom keeps walking in because my window has a view of the hail. I've decided to ignore her.
My run as Atticus the Finch in Puss in Boots has ended. Halleluiah, praise the lord, Gaia above I HATED those kids! Also the propsmaster sucked; even the director hated him.
Buffy the Musical is about to take off, which is good. I'm hoping I can get good people in it; Hunter has agreed to be in it (he'll be a great Xander) and Olivia, who loves the show, will be the villain.
My new script is Anastasia, and the theatre is considering putting it on in the Spring. I'll probably get to choreograph it as well, since the musical intern is leaving. I'm hoping to weasel my way into his spot and eventually get hired as a stage manager, working my way up to direction before I graduate.
Finally, it looks like I will be doing Weekend Updates for Abby & Annika's SNL skit (which is in the same class as Buffy). Livin' the dream, man!