city lights in your eyes

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There were no goodbyes scrawled
on the bed frame,
no apologies painted on the floor
with tea and chalk.
Those words didn't
exist in your vocabulary, lover,
because you weren't
supposed to feel anything.

But then I came along with
my searching blue eyes and
demanding lips and you couldn't
just get rid of me like all the rest, no..

The seductive rain hit the windows
with an angry hand and made
the sky shrivel up like vanilla skin
and we stripped off our clothes
under a cluster of police lights;
strawberry red and turquoise fear.
You kissed my mouth like a Sadie
Hawkins first time deal and trailed
your fingers through my tousled hair.

I liked the things you didn't say,
I liked the roughness and
the gentle train of hands
and lips on my stomach
and careless rocking of
hips as sirens blared.
The city cried because
I was moving away.
We didn't know when
we'd dance shirtless again.

Shakespeare's plays lay
forgotten on your desk
and flowers died in a vase
on the kitchen island.
But I would've never
tossed it aside; the
protests in the street,
the music in the bars,
your arms accepting
my quivering bones.

We were epic in our
own unwritten tale,
made of cyanide and
True Blue cologne.
Desert sand-filled
irises in the dark,
you were determined
to live forever
but cried when your
son was born.

The decaying flesh
of sunrise couldn't
touch you as you
held onto him and
gave me a wistful smile.
Nostalgia might've
ruined us with its
ice cream taste but we
licked every last
drop as the hours died
and we were forced to grow up,
packing suitcases and leaving
decrepit cars in parking lots.

A masquerade of reckless nights,
glitter pouring down from the ceiling
and warm bodies pressing together;
life with you was unforgettable,
the surviving hero from
a revolutionary novel.


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I thought you'd wait until after the play to write another sexy one. Hmm, What's next?

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I wrote this before the play. It's about Queer as Folk again :P I'm so inspired haha

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thank you when i read your

thank you
when i read your poems sometimes i feel like someone has written about me except in a much more exciting way

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:P I'm sure that's not true.

:P I'm sure that's not true. You're awesome.