For The Two Decades

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Things will probably be the same on the outside yet on the inside there is doubt and concern. Unfounded? perhaps, but it is also not out of the realm of possibility that there be founded doubt and concern. One's thoughts can keep one awake at night. Anxiety, stress, concern, lonelyness, struggle, wants, needs... All can keep one from sleep.

So it will be that I awake that morning, Insha'Allah, well rested. I shall take my biscuit to my college and eat it there. I'll read the morning news as always, Indian Express, NHK, IPN, CNN, AL J., and think about the world that seems to hide it's self from me. I'll then head to class with thoughts of servers and new labs that await.

Exiting as I would hours later, meet a friend and have lunch together. It's always nice to eat with someone else now that I realize it, otherwise it just seems so sad in a way. It all depends on perspective I suppose. We'll chatter on about the eccentricities of the "DP"RK, and of ourselves. He's a great friend, just wish he'd take more care with his academics.

Then we'll head to a class that we take. Being called upon and explaining how a music term should be worded and if we can grasp the concepts. Stutters will come from me, but with the answer, perhaps blushses. Funny how I have a little fondness for that teacher, he seems so nice. I exist in that class simply to please with correct answers.

Had it been another teacher I certainly wouldn't be as coy or timid or maybe not at all. My expressions would suggest indifference most likely in the case. And that class will end and I'll head home. A little walk to bus stop and a bus ride. Bus rides can be pleasent depending on one factor. And that would be lack of crowding.

A nice empty seat next to the window to look out upon the urban scenery, a rickety shack, average people going about their business, dogs and cats. Then when going on the overpass one can observe the symmetry of the lamps on the barrier below. And a small glimpse of the slowly encroaching city.

A stop later begins with heading home, a short walk, but a nice calming one as sidewalk and street traffic are almost non-existent. Upon arriving home, just study and tending to whatever it is that will need tending to. Much much later, sleep. Dreams of relatives long past, maybe fantasies that will never be lived out, so many things.

And it will be that another day begins in the morn. The nocturne of night will give way to the sunlight. The sun will shine for us all.