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im gay and i have been hideing it for a long time... irecently have told my sister and mother about it and i was gonna ask them for help... bc i dont want to be gay anymore- its un-christan like... anyway they fliped out...and i feel that i have let mother down... i feel that she has no trust for me anymore...i like women along with men...i dont want that!! ive found two things that help me get through this and theyare writing dow all my feelings and most importantly talking to god. if anyone has anything else that helped them plese tell me. imhurting and i cant do this on my own..


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Welcome to Oasis!

Andy, there's lots of people here for you who understand how you feel. Writing down your feelings is a huge help, and I talk to God everyday as well!


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I can't speak as a Christian

I'm kind of a neo-pagan myself, but you should try to remember that Christianity is a religion that respects and believes in love, and being gay just means that you love people of the same sex. So it's not so much unchristian as un-Christians-who-are-closed-minded. And that's a very different thing.

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Why is a certain kind of

Why is a certain kind of love un-Christian like? I thought Christianity was all about love and acceptance, but based on my own upbringing and all that I hear and see I guess that's really not the case.

You can say you don't wanna be gay anymore, but that's not within your control. Sorry.

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You're not going to find a lot of help on here to make you not gay anymore, since no sane people think that is a possibility.

But, if you want to find community, support, and people who can help you accept being gay, then you'll be fine here.

Sounds like you are already bisexual, moreso than gay. So, write down your feelings here, and we can help you try and sort things out.

There are gay Catholics (and other groups for other Christian strains). There is even a group called Dignity that might help you, and I'll assume there is stuff on their site that might be worth reading:

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