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What does it mean when a girl you barely know says you look adorable? It was the day of silence & we were both wearing ribbons, and she came up to talk to a guy friend of mine while I was putting on my cold-weather garb. As I pulled on my hat she said, "You look adorable!" and I said "Thanks!" and ducked my head and ran away to get home and look in the mirror.
It's true, I did look adorable. ;)
But do straight girls often say things like that? We've never spoken before that. I'd definitely go out with her if she was interested, but how do I know based on so little field research?
And how do I proceed if she does like me??


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First and foremost, it sounds like you both don't know what silence means, so you have that in common!

No need to consider dating or wedding rings, just use that interaction as a means to talk to her next time you see her, and see what happens. Could turn into a friendship or who knows what. Just be direct and be out to her from the beginning, since that will at least remove her not knowing your sexuality, etc., otherwise, you don't know about her, she doesn't know about you, and then everything just builds up to be a bunch of questions, so give her as many answers about you as possible without playing your hand. Make it as easy as possible for her to know she has the green light to approach you if she's interested...

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Well, straight girls say

Well, straight girls say things like that to each other all the time, really. It is much, much more difficult to know if a girl is gay than if a guy is, to be honest. So lesbians have it tough :P

So yeah, agreeing with Jeff, just keep talking to her and don't jump to any conclusions.

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I agree w. what radio silence has said....

also, awesome soundgarden it.

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I'm really hoping to see them live this summer. Surely they'll still be touring. If not, I will wait as long as it takes. If I can't see Rage Against the Machine or Alice In Chains with Layne Staley, I MUST see Soundgarden.

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Hmm, yeah

Just get to know her better! One 'you look adorable' is hardly a proposition no matter what the orientation of either party - but it's a nice compliment, and it could definitely mean she'd be willing to talk more.

When was Day of Silence, anyway? I've been so out of the scene... I had Silence Day, but that's totally different.

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Most places observed...

"Day of Silence" on Friday, April 19!

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forgive my idiocy....

i'm rather more out of the loop of this topic than i'd like...the term rings a faint bell, but please correct me if I am wrong...does the "day of silence have anything to do with the mourning of the wrongful suicides, etc.? or something else?
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Welcome back... LTNS! :(

Anyway... a Google search will help explain. But you might start here: