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The first bit is quite trivial but the other stuff not so much.

I started watching this show that's been off the air for a number of years. I'm really enjoying it. So I post a question to a forum a week or so ago explicitly stating that I'm watching the show for the first time, don't want spoilers, ect. What do I get? Some douche private messaging me humongous spoilers. Ugh. People. No respect. No consideration. No nothing.

Yeah, I know. I asked for it. But this site, in my experience, is quite good about this stuff. I posted in the Angel sections with no issue. I've seen people post in the Buffy section with seemingly no issue. Just people minding their manners.

I remember watching the news the morning after the final Harry Potter book was released. They were showing a video of some idiots driving past a book store on release night yelling to those in line the major death that occurred in that book. All I could think was "why?" Why do that to someone? I just don't get it.

I don't understand why other people want to ruin these things for other people, especially when they themselves are fans. LIKE WHY.

Other than that, what's going on? Welp, I'm officially going to be a great aunt. Which makes me sound about a hundred years older than I am. It's funny I'm so proud and excited about it that I told my supervisor where I volunteer the next time I saw her. Then I thought about it... maybe that makes our family sound really "trailer park-ish". I don't know. People are all so very judgemental.

I mean it's all quite legit, I assure you. I'm in my mid twenties (but am told I look much younger), my sister is 15 years older than me, and she had a child in her late teens. Now her kid is having a child in his early twenties.

You know, I thought I'd be the last to get married but never really imagined being the last to have a baby for some reason. Even though it makes sense all things considered (adoption, invitro, money, money, money, the lack of "surprise" babies that occur between lesbian couples, ect.)


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When I mention spoilers online, I make sure they are false.

I do think people who freak out about spoilers are sort of nutty sometimes, though. That said, the best rule of thumb that I follow is that I don't mention what old series/show/novel/etc., that I'm currently experiencing.

Similarly, why go on a forum for an old show and invite spoilers? (which is what saying you don't want spoilers really is on the anonymous Internet) Just watch the show, enjoy it, and then after you finish, go to the forum.

I just hid a friend's post from my wall on Facebook last night when he started livecommenting Project Runway (thankfully all part of the same message). I'll watch it today, and then go back and see what he was venting about...

But unless it's some movie that just opened, TV show that just aired, etc., people will often jump to what was most compelling about something. If you mention The Sixth Sense now, people will just say that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time, without asking "Now, did you see it yet before I start talking?"

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I don't know, Jeff. I just

I don't know, Jeff. I just have this incessant need to ruin things for myself. I can't explain it but I do it with almost every show I love lately. Apparently this guy or girl has done the same thing to others in the forum too. I just don't understand people. I'm staying away from it now, but I feel the damage has already been done.

But, yeah, I get what you're saying. I try to stay away, but I'm always pulled back.

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