Me, One Year Later

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Happy Easter, for those who celebrate this day!

Today is a special day for me, no only because it's Easter Sunday, but it's also my one year anniversary of writing my first journal on here. So much has changed in the last year that it's hard for me to believe at times.

I've grown in many ways, now at 6"-5" I'm taller than all three of my parents, which is a little weird at times. I'm thinner that when I started and no longer considered obese by my doctor,which I know is a relief to my family. I've also matured and grown as a person, and now know I'm bi, something I didn't even think was possible a year ago.

This past year I've gained people in my life, and sadly lost the Grandpa that I had just started to get to know. My oldest friend Austin is hundreds of miles from me, in a different time zone, but we still have kept our promise of daily texts to keep our friendship strong.

At my new school I'm no longer in any special ed classes, and while I'm happy to be mainstreamed I wasn't quite prepared for the extra homework that comes with it. At least the stigma of being different is gone, but I know deep down I'm not like my classmates.

My boyfriend Matthew and I are still strong in our relationship, even with two very beautiful temptresses seeking our attention. The girls need us as much as we need them, and while we're using each other it's for a positive gain for all of us, as weird at it may seem at times.

Oasis has been MY oasis in many ways, and I hope that I'll continue to be a contributor on here for a long time to come. I'm far from perfect but my presence here hopefully serves a reminder that anyone can be gay, even if they don't quite fit the part.

Yes, even tall, chubby metal loving redheads can be gay!

My many thanks to my readers for being there for me, and I hope to be there for all of you as time moves on.



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happy easter!

it sounds like things have been improving overall, though you've had some setbacks. Congrats especially on the weight thing--I have my own troubles with that (in the opposite direction) and I know how hard it can be to fix that stuff.

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Happy Easter as well!

My life surely has changed, at least mostly for the better. As I've learned one day you can be atop the highest mountain and the next day at the bottom of the deepest valley.

With my weight my doctor put me on a carb restricted diet and also has me take specific vitamins, and that's made things alot better for me. My autism symptoms have improved, but I know it's never going to go away. Such is life!



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"Yes, even tall, chubby metal loving redheads can be gay!"

Why is this message, which comes up often, always projected outward to everyone, as though it is something we need to learn? heh

It seems to me like the people who are most surprised that they don't fit the stereotype are the people who bought into the stereotype and then personally had to accept they weren't lining up with the stereotype they bought into.

I've never thought chubby metalheads couldn't be gay, therefore it was never surprising to me. I think this is only major news to chubby metalheads who thought they were straight. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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metalheads can be.

haha. I hung out w. vinnie paul , tom and chad from hell yeah last night in seattle, and it was EPIC. shoulda taken pics, but I have never been 'that guy' when it comes to celebs.

glad things are changing for the better for you, dude.



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= )

= )

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I had the same thought...

I think. :)