Never thought it could be possible

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The Colombian congress is debating about approving gay marriage and it seems that it will be approved (I hope so!). I never thought that here something like that would be approved or even debated because we are a religious, mostly conservative country, but things are getting better.

In school, my ethics teacher was talking about it and thought that it would be good to see who wouldn't like it to be approved and disapproved and added adoption for gay parents; every one in my class approved for marriage and some disapproved adoption because our society isn't ready for it, the gay-closeted homophobe said that the kid might turn gay or lesbian and that its not normal having two dads and two moms plus that it would leave the kid with a trauma.

At home, today I was watching the news withs my parents and my aunt when it appeared that lgtb comunity is demanding their rights outside the place where the congress is debating it, and my aunt asks why they just approve it and my dad replied that they shouldn't because it would ruin the system of a traditonal family and that they later would adopt kids and would make things worse because a normal family has one dad and one mom, then he said more bullshit like that and my mom agreed too, my aunt and me argued with them about it (which feet great) and I almost said to them that if they wanted me to get married and them to get grandchildren from my part, they should change their way of thinking and suck it up, I was so angry about it and my parents marriage was once illegal because my dad was married before my mom and they even had to get married in Venezuela because there it was legal, they should know what is like to want to get married, but not being able because its wasnt right and the laws wouldn't let them.

Other news: my best guy friend is like the best guy in the world, I can't talk to him about boys, gay things, hug him and he doesn't even care about it and he's been asking me things like when did I realized, when I'm coming out, who was my last crush, asked me about him (Nico) and its not uncomfortable or awkward to talk those things with him and I'm writing a short novel and he told me to add a gay character, he's like so happy to have me as the gay best friend, he just makes me proud of who I am and it's awesome.

Elph: you're the one that always seem worried about my mental health and stuff, I appreciate it, thanks and I've been like 2 or 3 weeks clean, no suicide thoughts or attemps and I'm trying to not let myself get down.


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Good to have a solid support system like that...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Sounds good... encouraging, in fact!

This update is much appreciated. Please continue to work diligently towards "staying clean!" You are very important...