Should i Say hi?

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The girl that i have been talking about is still on my mind. I wanna talk to her. Should i just message her on Facebook? I don't have the guts to talk to her in real life. Should i just say hi? Should i just tell her about my crush? What do i do?


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I don't really have a lot of experience with this, but here's what I think. From what I remember from your other journal entries, she's a senior and your a freshman so I'm guessing you two don't have any classes together. Maybe say hi to her in school, if you get the chance, strike up a conversation. Ask her about any recent movies she's seen, if it's a Monday how was her weekend, what's her favorite band/singer, does she have any pets, any summer plans, college plans, etc.
But if you're really not comfortable talking to her in real life, I guess could message her on facebook with the same conversation topics I mentioned above. I don't have a facebook account, so I don't really know anything about that.

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What's the risk? Sounds like there is no downside, unless I missed some backstory elsewhere.

As for revealing the crush, this always seems like the most boring path AND the one most laced with the possibility of rejection. If she knows you're into girls, then you don't have to reveal a crush, just express interest in hanging out with her. She already knows the playing field. If you hang out and talk more, it can develop into a friendship or more. But it sounds like revealing a crush directly is the least artful approach, not to mention it is entirely binary. She either says she's into you as well, or says she's not into you.

Read some old novels, learn about seduction and a good slow burn. The new approach always sucks any sort of passion out of the room. Plus, it is you talking about you. Talk about her, find out about her. That is your job, really. If she isn't on board, you'll figure that out soon enough, but at least the approach will be more interesting.

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