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Today in my Acting class we were doing our autodramas

for those of you who don't know an Autodrama is when you create a play for your self and whoever you want to pull into it and really the only rule is that the play has to be about you or some part of your life, and I decided to make my play into a sort of coming out story.

It was sooooooooo hard and when I think back on it I can think of so many places where I could have done better and where I messed up, but I did it and after I was done I tried to sort of run off to the side of the class room, but before I could they all got up and gave me a hug, like the whole class in one giant hug ^_^ was so nice.

In my auto drama I had a little speech first, and then I did something different and tried to portray my journey through like cherades and it would have been really really awesome, but sometimes I get shy when performing, and when ever I try to tell someone that I'm trans like my throat physically wont work even when I'm really close to someone it's so hard.

Also I might have a girlfriend soon ^_^


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yay! I know what you mean about the nerves during performances. I get that when I have to perform in a room with people as opposed to removed, on the stage. Eventually you'll get over it though :)