Thanks for the nice comments

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Hi, thank you for the nice comments. I like to write in story-style because it lets me express myself more.
Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Emily. I am 14 and a freshmen in high school. I am one of the youngest people in my grade. I am bisexual but still not yet "out". I also am sort of transgender and not "out" about that either. I am not planning on coming out any time soon. It seems like it would just be too stressful. I am not ready for the labels or the enduring stares.
I keep a journal and needed advice so i am just going to start posting my journals on here. I change the names of my friends and teachers because i don't want anyone to be able to look me up. I am shy and i do not want to be confronted outside of the internet.
I have always known that i was different. In fourth grade, when the teachers ask the infamous question of what you want to be when you grow up, most people said things like "a spaceman" or "a doctor" i said that i wanted to be a psychologist and do some authoring on the side. Weird for a little 9 year-old. I still sort of want to be that. I have been told numerous times by my teachers, my principal, and even students, that i am good with the written word.
While i am talking about myself, i am just going to post my life story because i see no harm in doing so.

When i was 3, my house burned down. We moved a lot. Once i believe we moved 12 times in one year.
By the time kindergarten came, i went to around 3 schools. One i went to for just a day. My brother got expelled from that school. The PUBLIC school sent us a letter specifically stating that they were kicking him out because of his tourettes syndrome. We did not know of the Americans With Disabilities Act back then. We could have sued them. It is too late for that now. My sister didn't care, she was being bullied and her best friend is coming too because her brother was also expelled for his dyslexia.
I went to a catholic school and made a friend. He is special needs. I was with him until i had to leave my friends again in 2nd grade. My brother got expelled again. My sister was ready for high school.
We moved to a different county. I went to a different public school. They accomidate my brother and still are.
Everything was great in third grade until i was also diagnosed with tourettes syndrome. Tourettes syndrome is a neurological disorder that makes you have motor and vocal tics. I have also been diagnosed with hetero-topic grey matter which means i am prone to seizures. I have still never had a seizure.
Fourth grade-5th grade were good. I made two best friends.
in 6th grade, one of my friends moved to a different state. Later that year, my other friend moved to a different school because of bullying. 7-8 grades were just a pit of depression. I cried often. I was being home schooled because my tics got so bad.
The worst part of 8th grade was graduation. The girl who bullied my best friend to the point of leaving school, got an award for being a kind person. I couldn't help but think, what is wring with society!?
In 9th grade, i met "Harry". We really hit it off. We are both total Gleeks. We are both weird and proud of it.
I saw "Sam" for the first time on the first day of school. I didn't know what to make of my crush on her. Sam is a girl. She dresses and acts like a boy and is either bi or a lesbian because she has had girlfriends. I have never thought of myself as bi until i laid eyes on her.

Sorry if my story is kind of choppy. I am sick so my head is cloudy. I am kind of even half asleep.
Anyway, that is me. if you got this far in reading it, thank you for reading haha.