this is a draft are u a draft i'm a draft

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Bass bass bass bass

I rock my head back and forth
headbanging feeling like a badass

bass bass bass bass
music tries to fill the abyss inside
but ive stayed up the whole night yearning
sun rise this pain can't hide
u look around searching for the boy of your dreams
I run around frantically
on hot pursuit to be in your crosshairs
transperancy is me aslong as the wear of those apartheid glasses
contemplating ways to seperate myself from the masses
the lord said that our bodies are temples
but what of the great relationships that end up being used just for examples(do u teach him what i did to make you smile from ear to ear?)
heart and body mangled after being trampled
where is the fairy godmother (which star have i not made a wish on?)
im ready stockd up with kisses I would smother
love like no other
u look around searching for the man of your dreams
I search for the tape
I put on some glue
I reach for the scapel
trying to be in the same realm with you

its a draft
its forever going to stay as a draft
i hope someone enjoys this asmuch as i enjoyed getting it off my corizon


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that was a great read. I assume that it was a reference to being anonymous in a club full of people or something to that effect?

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman