what is it about me

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that makes people hate the way I love that makes them want to get away from me.
they don't even know
the real story
because if they did

what is it about me
that makes the girls want to judge
their eyes don't lie

they are the ones that are afraid
afraid I might love them
afraid that if they felt the same way

what is it about them
that makes me think
that makes me sin

does god know
does he even know
he made me this way
he knows every inch
every pain
every dirty thought
yet he doesn't punish me

is the bible a lie?
is my love a lie?
I feel it like I feel the air
as cold as it may seem
I still breathe it in

and who's to blame?
is it me, for loving her?
is it me, for wanting her?
It is certain like the words on this page

what is it about me?