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I've snagged the best cast ever! My crush, as it turns out, loves Buffy & will be playing one of the lesbians. Hope against hope she comes out using the role...Also, I've filled the other roles with older kids who are starring in the current musical and stuff. The boy playing my romantic interest can even play guitar.
I'm so excited! I actually get to play Buffy! Outside of my shower! In front of people! My voice is perfect for the role and all the cool kids will be in it, which makes me one of them!
We have a FaceBook group and everything.


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Congrats. I was never into Buffy, but people talked me into watching that episode because I like musicals, and well... I think you have to like Buffy as a prerequisite. ;-)

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you have to know what the hell was going on before it aired. That's something I've taken care of with my version.