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I think I swallowed your name that night in the bar.
I think you infected my veins while the music was
raging some 90s rock song and nobody was
paying attention to us as we ran to the back
room of this exile for tar-winged children.

And boy, now you're starving for some
sort of distraction in button-down lust;
a porn star type in DKNY jeans.
But I'm not one of those underground souls,
looking to lose consciousness
in pretty lashes and money-grabbing directors.
Honey, you can take a cab home because
I'm only here for the bottled-up affection
you said would never be mine
if I kept asking for it like a kid.

But what do you know?
Little dark blond fire,
it's too bad you're so
young and curious,
bright and inexperienced
because these monsters
in this joint want
to break off a chunk of
your brown sugar body,
let it melt on their tongues.
And you just so happened
to collapse in my arms.

Innocence is redefined,
my teenage rewrite.
Your hands leave artist
smudges on my neck,
your lips suck and whisper
broken sentences against
my red traffic light flesh.
Hardened boys like
the feel of angel dust.

You crawl on the bed,
still in your socks,
cock your head to the side
like you expect a question
meant for lovers.
But we're not like that and
you should know better
than to sink in the chill of
a Mardi Gras beaded rain.
Boy, we're something else..
Can't you see the difference?

Walking the Scorpio streets
with your arm haphazardly
slung around my shoulder,
I drift between billboards
shining with half-glazed muscles,
watery smiles, unsurprising tears.

Poison sunrises,
soot and a playboy kiss;
you are undeniably worn out
and strung across my frame,
making me gasp for air.
I'm in a trance;
adrenaline pills
in your sleeping bag.

Smokey topaz strands;
a tugging pressure pierces the scene,
making you want more.
But this is all we can give,
grinding against each other's walls,
glass and root beer gum.
My sweet addiction,
your Thursday eyes
pin me against this graffiti moment.


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This one's HOT! I likey.

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was hoping you would.