Back in business...

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Oasis is back up again. Figure it's easier for me to post something new so you know rather than having to sort it out...


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Hey Jeff,

So, any chance you're a Ranger's fan?? The playoff series starts tonight in Boston. You know who I'm rooting for and it's good to have Oasis back, of course.

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To answer your question...

I don't even know what sport you're talking about. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Of course. The New York Rangers VS. Boston Bruins. Well, I guess you'll know next week when the series switches to NY. But yeah, I guess you don't follow it then.

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Ditto for the Oasis outage: 27-29May! :(

Someone must have failed to maintain the obligatory crossed fingers! :)

Whatever... Oasis seems to be working again as of May 29! Who knows why?