I came out to a friend

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I came out of the closet to a friend, Robert. I almost chickened out, but he said “Bullshit, tell me what’s bothering you”. It was great! He said he didn’t care, and asked if I wanted to know some pick up lines. I asked him not to tell anybody, and he said he wouldn’t. Of course he asked some questions, like how do I know if I haven’t date anybody and who do I see myself marrying. Then he asked if I liked anybody, and before I said anything he guessed from my face that I do. He tried to guess a few names, and then I just told him Beth. Yeah, so that happened, and now I’m really happy!


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Congratuverylations to you! See, people are pretty cool.

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Congrats, that is awesome.

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Believe it or not, there are some people in this world you can trust and have faith in. This is a good step forward, and hopefully you can come out to other friends now, too.

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It's great when people are all cool about it isn't it?

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It gets easier as you tell more people...

Well, until you tell Beth anyway.

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Good for you,

Congratulations girl, you're on your way.

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Well done i know how scary it can be! I done the same not long ago, I ended up getting a little "trust happy" if you know what i mean, I started telling more people to see different reactions and i found that all my friends have the same supportive attitude!:) It gets loads easier the more people you tell