It's a Fine Life

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I'm auditioning for Oliver! My mom found out that the local professional theatre is putting it on and auditions are really soon. All I have to do is learn one of the songs they provided and I could get the role of my dreams, the Artful Dodger! (Or the young female lead, the "rude yet flirtatious" Charlotte)
I've decided to go with Dodger's "Consider Yourself." My strength is belting, and the song is perfect for my range. I REALLY hope that I get the role. It would make my memories of this year much better. Plus, it could start me on the road to being the next Ethel Merman!
Now all I need to know to perfect my life is "Where is Love?"
"Be Back Soon!"


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That's great!

Best of luck to you!

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Good luck!

And I hope the theater has good A/C cuase this heat wave sucks.

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